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My name is Tony Peluso, Certified Professional Home Inspector with Metropolitan Home Inspection Services Inc. I have more than 25 years of experience in Long Island home inspection and construction. That “real world” experience is valuable information during a home inspection. I take my job as a home inspector very seriously, and I know that the hands-on experience that I have developed over the years is the kind of experience that is invaluable on a home inspection. I specialize in Single family home inspections, multi-family home inspections, as well as condo and co-ops home inspections. I understand that choosing the right home inspector is like choosing the right home, there are many to choose from and it’s easy to make the wrong choice. But if you choose to use me as your home inspector, I promise to give you the care and dedication on your home inspection that I would want done on my own home. So contact me today, and see why so many continue to choose Metropolitan Home Inspection Services for their home inspection needs!

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If you need a Long Island plumbing service you would be hard-pressed to find a company that is better than one of the companies we have used recently. The technician that came by named Jason was a great help and answered all of the questions we asked him. More importantly however he fixed the problem. We just wanted to publicly say thank you!

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Reviewing The Home Inspection Process

The first thing that happens before a home is inspected is the homeowner or caretaker calls the home inspection expert. He outlines what he intends to achieve with the project. The home inspection company can ask for the owner to fill details of the house online while he will be given an estimate of what the project will cost. A good Long Island home inspection company, will carry out Free Termite inspection in addition to any other request from the client. When the core terms of the project have been decided, the company can fix a day to come for the inspection. It does not matter if the owner of the house will be around at the time of inspection; however, it is an added advantage if he is around.

Home InspectionOn the day of the inspection, some companies may use Thermal imaging to capture the basics about the property. This will be followed by a step by step inspection by a home inspector. Areas such as the plumbing system, electrical system, Heat, Ventilation and Air-condition systems, structure, etc., will be inspected. In a sense, it is the request made by the homeowner that will decide the extent of the inspection. It is quite important to mention that different States in the US have certain necessary stipulations that govern the operation of a home inspector. This can determine the areas that the inspector will address when he is looking through the house. After the review process is complete, the inspector may ask the owner a few questions about the property.

Usually, the home inspection report comes out the same day, or it may take a maximum of 24 hours. The report captures the state of the house and areas that may need repairs. It is left to the homeowner to decide if he wants to work on the report or he may choose to list the home for sale. This report should be part of the documents that will be presented to a potential buyer of the property. When the report is complete, the home inspector can fix a date to follow up on the state of the building. When you need the best Long Island home inspection services, you may need to dig a little to get an ideal organization. Some companies charge to carry out a follow-up on the property while others do not charge a dime.

The Long Island home inspection review process does not take more than a few hours, but it depends on the size of the building. A thorough home inspection can average between 4 to 6 hours. It is vital to mention that when you want to pick a home inspector, you must go with a company that clearly outlines their operating system. This means that you do not get hurt by any business that may want to do a shoddy job. Some company websites state what you are to expect when you contract a home inspection company. In all, the home inspection report should give you a solid footing to decide what you want to do with the property.

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This Blog/Directory has been a long time coming. Ever since the internet boom about 20 years ago I used to dream of someday having my very own directory for some of the finest and best businesses in the entire Long Island area. As of now this dream has finally become a reality. I know that I will put in the time necessary to watch my “baby” grow up and prosper right in front of my eyes. I hope to help give people the means that need to have a one stop shop so to speak when they are looking to find contractors right here on Long Island, New York. If there is ever anything I can do for you please drop me a line.

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